Blackbird is about beautiful, simple, things. Hand crafted by Toronto designers Vanessa Marino and Regan Hayes, this brand strives to create well made and unique pieces.

The latest collection was inspired by the magic and mystery of a witchy woman. Powerful and beautiful enchantresses, adorned in opulent trinkets and charms worn to evoke another realm. Each piece filled with mysteries and secrets known only to the wearer.

And thus, The Occult collection was born. 

Taking pride in being bold, without being heavy handed, each piece encourages the wearer to combine colours, textures and shapes to create an overall look.

Vanessa and Regan work together to create a line that is coveted among different ages and lifestyles. The foundation of Blackbird is based upon the values of history, craftsmanship, and bringing creativity to the everyday. 

We make beautiful things.